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Our Mission

"To inspire a passion for STEAM in underserved schools in New Mexico through inquiry-based learning and enjoyable demonstrations."


Our Story

Started and run by high schoolers, effects seeks to make New Mexicans classrooms' STEAM experiences more enjoyable by providing enjoyable experiments. Many kids lack opportunity to love STEAM because injustice and inequality in the distribution of education. In Albuquerque, there are many schools that receive a designation known as Title 1. The APS website says "Schools must be identified at 50% or higher economically disadvantaged in order to receive Title I funds." We applaud APS for all steps taken to ensure equity for the children of our city. Unfortunately, inequality runs in rampant in even our elementary schools where many have had to cut STEM programs because of a lack of funds. What they can benefit from is not lectures and worksheets, but rather demonstrations and discussions of applications to the real world. We're not here to teach: teachers do that and they have done an excellent  job of that. New Mexican teachers are some of the most valuable members of our community . Our job is just to get New Mexican children excited about learning STEAM. High school students from across Albuquerque are committed to sharing their love for STEAM with fun experiments and demonstrations.


Our Future

New Mexicans owe a lot to one another.  We hope that EFFECTS expands to every elementary school in the greater Albuquerque area that lacks access to STEAM experiential education because of limited resources. Additionally, we hope high schoolers in the city will rally behind our cause and find ways they too can give back to their community. 


Our Team


Quinn Ennis


A co-founder of EFFECTS and a freshman at Yale, Quinn has a passion for science and is pursuing a Physics B.S. In addition to running the EFFECTS program, Quinn is a researcher at particle physics lab at Yale and a member of the Yale Model UN Secretariat. With an interest in conservationism and fighting climate change, Quinn hopes to engage in climate research. Quinn hopes to help children in NM learn more about sustainability and get them interested in helping to save our planet.

(505) 206-7068

Neil Mahto


The other co-founder of EFFECTS, Neil is a class of 2023 Albuquerque Academy student and his scientific interests lie in human biology. Neil hopes to be a surgeon, and furthers his interests through surgical research. Neil is excited to increase medical and health literacy amongst kids in New Mexico while getting more children excited about learning biology and potentially joining the medical field.


Screen Shot 2023-05-30 at 11.05_edited.jpg

Sydney Marks


Sydney is a junior at Albuquerque Academy who has an interest in music, math, and science. She is part of the Student Diversity Leadership club, Hispanic Student Association, volleyball, track, as well as several different guitar groups. In her spare time Sydney can be found playing guitar or with her friends. Sydney hopes to help more children feel excited about all scientific topics and push them to continue their educational journeys.

(505) 228-2691


Ashton Capps

Screen Shot 2023-03-16 at 10.43.15 PM.png

Vela Fine


Nate Klein

Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 9.26.31 AM.png

Alex Patton


Becca Faber


Julia Lee

Image (3).jpeg

Annie Hoang


Serlha Kundeling

Image (2).jpeg

Yasmine Lopez


Cara Anderson


Mimi Xue

EFFECTS website picture (1).jpg

Sofia Steffen


Caroline Klein


Michael Kinzle


Ilse Dineen

Resized_20220917_164658 3.jpeg

Corbett Thomas


Bryce Wachs

Resized_20220917_164658 3.jpeg

Phillipe Bakhirev

Our Schools


EFFECTS Teacher:


Paired Teacher:

Number of classes:

Henry Wesevich, Sofia Steffen, Ashton Capps, and Cara Anderson

Maria Almada

2 (~60 students)

EFFECTS Teacher:


Paired Teacher:

Number of classes:

Neil Mahto, Sydney Marks, Alex Patton

Crystal Carmichael

2 (~25 students)

EFFECTS Art Teacher:


Paired Teacher:

Number of classes:

Ilse Dineen, Caroline Klein

Laniya Howe

3 (~60 students)


EFFECTS Teacher:


Paired Teacher:

Number of classes:

Nate Klein, Neil Mahto, Annie Hoang, Vela Fine

Elizabeth Dukart

2 (~40 students)

valle vista.jpeg
cien aguas.jpeg

EFFECTS Teacher:

Paired Teacher:

Number of classes:

Henry Wesevich, Sydney Marks



EFFECTS Teacher:



Number of classes:

Michael Kienzle, Becca Faber, Serlha Kundeling, Philippe Bakhirev, Yasmine Lopez

Jasmine Maestas

5 (~100 students)


EFFECTS Teacher:


Paired Teacher:

Number of classes:

Neil Mahto, Nate Klein, Vela Fine


2 (~40 students)


EFFECTS Teacher:


Paired Teacher:

Number of classes:

Neil Mahto, Nate Klein, Vela Fine, Annie Hoang

Christopher Finan

2 (~40 students)

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