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Working to inspire a passion for STEAM in underserved schools in New Mexico through inquiry-based learning and enjoyable demonstrations.


About Us

STEAM is all about hands-on experiences and through providing novel and exciting experiments, EFFECTS is working to get underserved children excited about learning. Founded and run by high schoolers, EFFECTS seeks to inspire latent passions in STEAM that have yet to be realized due to inequality in the distribution of educational funding. 

About Our Team

Our EFFECTS team currently is composed of about 40 highschool volunteers all with the like minded vision of encouring the STEAM field in elementary students.


Get Involved

EFFECTS is dedicated to making a lasting impact. While our efforts are driven by our organization’s focus and love for STEAM, we rely on generous donors, volunteers, and connections in order to achieve our mission and further our goal.


Volunteer to work with us and our schools.


Help our cause by funding supplies and materials.


Connect us with an elementary school to further our cause's reach.

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