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Working to provide STEAM education and exposure for underserved students across New Mexico

Discovery, Excitement, and Collaboration

The beauty of elementary school is that children receive an enjoyable classroom experience and come to love learning. How can they do that without having fun in the classroom? STEAM is all about hands-on experiences and through providing novel and exciting experiments, effects is working to get underserved children excited about learning.

Founded and run by high schoolers, effects seeks to inspire latent passions in STEAM that have yet to be realized due to inequality in the distribution of educational funding. 

In New Mexico, there are many schools designated as Title 1, meaning that more than 50 percent of students receive free or reduced lunch. 

At many Title 1 elementary schools in the state, a lack of funds has contributed to the drastic downsizing of existing science programs, and resources are all too often stretched thin.

effects seeks to combat this inequity, bringing inquiry-based science lessons to students at Title 1 schools across New Mexico.


effects currently operates at eight schools in the Albuquerque Area, serving more than 1000 students.

effects currently has 22 student-teachers and four members of the organization administration.


Get Involved

Get Involved

There are 3 ways to help us:

Volunteer with us

If you are a motivated high school student, you can apply to be one of our teachers. While we can't promise that we will onboard you as a teacher, there is always room on our team for other kinds of help.

If you are not in high school, you can volunteer to help us develop experiments and curriculum.


Materials for our experiments aren't cheap. As a non-profit, the only way we can continue to support STEM in New Mexico is through the support of generous donors like you.

In addition to monetary contributions, we are always grateful for donations of old or used scientific equipment.

Connect us to a school

In order to maximize or impact, effects is always looking to expand to more elementary schools in New Mexico. If you are a teacher or have any connections at elementary schools, we would be exceedingly grateful if you helped facilitate an introduction.

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